About Me

I am your average everyday female, DINK, Triathlete, Crazy, Funny gal just doing my thing and motivating folks along the way.

cropped-naples-2nd-place-AG.jpgThis “journey” called life adds a whole lot of humor to my world.  I find something entertaining in each and every day.   I am an optimist with the case of the giggles.

Here I write about life as I see it.  I view myself as person watching life around me as a movie.  I do not have kids but I watch other peoples and have an outsiders view and opinion of it.  I see amazing, beautiful things everyday as I swim, bike and run.  I meet the most remarkable people and find humor in everyday life.

Be kind and respect everyone but also find a chance to find the humor in everyday life each day.

Bonnie.Smith HS1cropped-CR3-run.jpg



Random things about me:

  • I follow a Paleo diet
  • I love dogs and have a special place in my heart for Weimaraners
  • Even when I sleep in I get up before 7am
  • I do some Modeling & Acting
  • I started to swim at age 4 and love it still
  • I hate to mop but obsess over clean floors
  • I want to be on the Amazing Race
  • I adore my dog
  • I race triathlon
  • I enjoy reading historical fiction and memoirs