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Aug 1


Has it really been 2 years for this little girl beast?  Brookside Pink’s All Riled Up turns 2 today.

I know it’s been a long time since a Riley update.  Most people that follow me on FB are in the regular know with Riley.  My last update was in October and I had just started to show Riley myself.  So let me fill you in on what’s been happening in her world.

I put a few points on Riley last fall and early in 2015.  She is still working toward her Champion title and needs a few points and a major.  With the new counts for 2015 in FL (See article here), we are going to have to do some traveling to get this major and perhaps even the singles.  So we have some trips planned.  By participating and showing Riley in the Eukanuba show last December in Tampa, I had an awakening and realized that I could do this and I was really learning, retaining and getting better with handling.  I was not intimidated by the professional handlers and really was so glad that I entered that show, (I was so afraid to enter that show.  I thought I would just make a fool of myself).  Something just clicked there and I knew when Riley was showing well and when we were “on”.  That show was a major turning point for me.

First Point for Bonnie

First Point and First time for a photo. Posting because it’s funny!

In January 2015 we participated in the FL circuit of shows and grabbed a few more points (and 1 with some help form our favorite handler, Kelly when I was ready to throw in the towel).  I was able to feel confident when handling and able to really take the criticism and feedback I got from people and apply it.  We had a few shows throughout the start of 2015 and then we headed to Perry, GA for a week of shows.

Ocala Jan 24edit

Yes, dog show peeps. I am a newbie and working on learning on how to get her stacked on the podium and get rid of that Roachy back.

I was still just as confident heading to GA but not expecting much, since it was me against a multitude of professional handlers and seasoned breeder handlers (which in my book are the same as a professional if not better). We went and did our very best.  My thought was that if I could even place at all in my class I would be happy.  To walk away from the 5 shows with a 3rd, 4th and 1st place made me feel like I won the lottery!  You would have thought we had won the major.  That feeling was so great and I could see it in Riley’s eyes too.  She and I did our very best.  We ran each morning very early to get prepared and she pranced herself everyday in the ring.  Just knowing that she showed well made me feel very confident and proud.


I bought this photo. I was so proud.

We are planning on hitting Weimaraner Nationals this coming month and again I will go there with the same thought as I did for Perry.  I do not expect much but would be tickled to get a placement in our class.  I am so looking forward to it.  I think I am really looking to meet people and learn at this next show.  We have seminars scheduled and most importantly we have our trip planned to stay with Riley’s sister Blush and her momma Sue (Breeder to this fine litter).  We cannot wait to see pictures and hear stories of the other litter mates who are doing so well also.  This litter has been fantastic, from what I hear and read.  1 Grand Champion (Blush), 1 Champion (Max), 1 NSD (Reba), 2 working on CH titles (Ellie & Riley) and 2 more (Koda & Lucas) that are bringing total joy to their families.  Happy Birthday all you buggers!


Back to the update… Last fall Riley started on her Junior Hunter title.  She took a trip to TN with our friends Susan, Tammy & Stacey to get her first leg and kick off the beginning a new found love for hunting.  She followed up with another leg a month later.  We took a few months to put her back in the conformation ring and then she went back into season in January.  So hunting was off until March.  March she earned her 3rd leg and the following weekend she got her 4th and final to earn her a Junior Hunter title.  Boy does she love that.  And best yet she can practice with her Weim buddies and I can learn how to handle her from Owner Handlers that have successfully put honorable titles on their dogs themselves.  I realize that the group of friends we have here in FL truly is like waking up in Weim heaven.  The things Riley and I do and are planning to do are plenty for sure.  This group is such a blessing and will keep me involved for years to come for sure.


1st leg with Susan Wallace in TN

2nd Leg with Susan Wallace - FL Early Bird Hunt Club

2nd Leg with Susan Wallace – FL Early Bird Hunt Club

3rd Leg, Lake Wales FL

3rd Leg, Lake Wales FL

4th & Final leg for Junior Hunter Title.  - Lake Wales FL

4th & Final leg for Junior Hunter Title. – Lake Wales FL











This fall we will start our journey on the Senior Hunter title.  It will probably take a good long while as the training it involves will be extensive for Riley (really its ME that needs the training I think).  But as I was taught from these FL girls, train them to the next level – not the one you are going for but the one after that.  This way she will be learning it all and as she is in the one she is trying to accomplish she can be working on the next.  This summer we will try to get the last points to finish her Champion title (and I am sure I will still continue to take her in the show ring after she gets that title).

2015-01-25 12.10.22

Taking a break outside of the show ring. Jan 2015


She sure likes to hunt rabbits. March 2015


Do I look like a winner? Winner in Lakeland and relaxing watching her buddies in Rally. Feb 2015


Hanging with her buds waiting on their turn to go find birds


After Hunt Test (Leg #3) Out on a play hunt finding birds to retrieve. – March 2015













So Happy 2nd Birthday Riley.  My world is better because of you.





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