Gifts for a Triathlete – My Favorite TRI Things 2014

Since it’s that time of the year when folks are making lists and hoping they were good enough all year long, I thought I would put together a list of Gifts for a Triathlete, aka My favorite Tri Things 2014 edition.
Of course there are plenty of things that I am sure Triathletes wish for (and some very excessive) but this is just a basic list.  Easy for gift giving and easy on your pocketbook.  Perhaps the ideal stocking suffers or Secret Santa gifts you will find in this bunch.

Skora Running Shoes
See my review here.  An affordable shoe that lasts longer than most and really is made well, especially for triathletes (no seams).  Comfort to wear not just running but daily. Priced so perfect that you almost cannot resist.  Find them at

Skora Fit - Womens

My Soxy Feet Socks
These are actually perfect for everyone!  Great fun socks in all lengths.  Cross-Fit, Tri, Running, Kids… EVERYONE is covered here.  Their slogan, “You don’t have to match to be a pair”, shows in their fun mismatched socks.  Besides being fun and colorful I have to say, these are by far some of the best socks I have and for sure the most comfortable to run in.  Since I race short course when I run anything over 6 miles, I need some socks on my feet.  And even for this FL girl these socks let my dogs breathe.  So they are breatheable and cute AND super affordable!  These are a go to gift for me.  Everyone loves them.
Find them at

Naughtynice2_1024x1024      DSC_8514_grande      Tri1_compact

HITS Racing
How about buying a race for someone?  I know I love getting races as gifts.  And the giver loves to hear how the race went and what it was all about.  Sometimes Triathletes have all their “stuff” and you are just at a loss as to what they want.  Well let me tell you a PAID race is a true gift!  And a really great race that is available all over the US is the HITS Triathlon races.  They are priced at a great value for every distance and are so family friendly and well organized that I really couldn’t pass them up to put on my list this year.  A phenomenal growing brand that I am happy to say I have raced many and will continue to do so.
AND for those who don’t have a desire to race triathlon, well there are HITS running series races as well so head on over to their site and see what all the buzz is about.
Check them out at


Knotty Elastic Laces
Another all around ideal gift for all ages, even seniors.  Triathletes use these kind of laces to slip into their shoes quick without having to tie them up.  Personally these are my favorites and you can find them on Amazon or eBay and in many colors.  They can be tied to look like regular laces or weaved through the shoe if needed.  Good in boots and shoes with a lot of lace holes too.
I wear these in all of my racing shoes and think they are fantastic.
Find them here.
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Goggles can be a very personal thing.  Some really are passionate about what they wear and why.  I have found these two brands/models to be ideal for almost every head and eye shape.  I train in the TYR Nest Pro and race in the Speedo Vanquisher.  Both, to me, are versatile goggles and great training and go to goggles.  I added these to the list because they are a good buy and always needed.  It really sucks to be stuck without goggles so it’s good to have at least 2 pair on hand.
Find them here and here.71LywblbYGL._SL1500_                             41s3x4f-VnL






Hammer Fizz & Endurolytes
I am really surprised to learn that not that many endurance athletes had used or heard of these.  Living in FL I use these all the time.  Endurolytes help with cramps and really are an all around balanced formula for all the good things you lose while sweating and enduring long hours of training.  Plus they just make me feel good when I am done my workouts so I don’t lose too much that it sacks me out for the rest of the day.  I use the Fizz when I teach Spin classes and for a change when I want some flavored water.  On a side note, the FIZZ are a must for headaches and hangovers… just sayin’.
Order direct from and they throw in awesome freebies.








Moving Comfort Bra
Ah, something near and ear to my heart… literally.  My favorite bra.  I see so many gals out there running and flopping all over.  That HAS to be painful!  The Moving Comfort Bras hold you in place no matter what size you are.  I have fitted so many of my athlete friends in this bra.  And when anyone asks this is what I tell them to buy.  The Jubralee and the Maia are good for larger size cups.  Make sure you are measured correctly and make sure it fits… TIGHT.  No sense in participating in a healthy activity and then go and ruin your boobs by bouncing them all over and creating more hurt.  Trust me on this one… A great buy and will last you a long time when worn and taken care of properly.  Google to see where you can buy.  Prices range from 26-56 dollars.
maia shopping

That’s my round up for this year.  Plan to get active in 2015.




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